Senior Front-End Web Developer

Bond Digital
2015 - Present

WordPress Development

Across multiple clients and projects, I have specialized in creating custom WordPress themes, functionalities, and experiences to meet clients' needs, including:

  • Creating custom WordPress Gutenberg blocks to enable easy building of multiple page designs and layouts
  • Customizing the Gutenberg blocks grid system
  • Building custom post types to organize and manage content in one place and easily insert into multiple pages
  • Developing on-page searching and filtering of different content types

Creating Fast, Flexible, Functional Sites

Using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, I have created effective user experiences for a wide array of screens, devices, and access speeds, including:

  • Optimizing images for high-resolution screens and page speed, by compressing, using .webp format, and serving properly sized images for different screen sizes and devices
  • Creating sites with fast page loads by minimizing server calls, combining loaded external files, and deferring scripts that are not essential to top-of-the-page content
  • Developing flexible layouts that respond and change for different-sized screens to maintain an optimal user experience

Site Planning and Leadership

In my role as Senior Front-End Web Developer, I have acted as project lead, working to successfully and efficiently launch sites and web projects, including:

  • Consulting with clients to determine site needs and goals
  • Working with clients to organize and present content both for site users and for client content management
  • Working with a team to efficiently build site structures and meet deadlines

Freelance Web Designer and Developer

2008 - Present

  • Efficiently designed and developed diverse client sites with cross-browser compatible architectures
  • Managed Web hosting and DNS for multiple sites
  • Leveraged WordPress content management to create product management systems and robust ecommerce
  • Researched keywords and focused site development around SEO plans
  • Developed responsive designs to optimize enduser experience for mobile and tablet devices

About Me

I'm a Senior Front-End Web Developer at Bond Digital, a digital design and marketing agency in Chicago. I live in Oak Park, IL, with my wife, Madhurima, and my son, Kunal. When I'm not building websites, I'm playing guitar, playing video games, writing, or reading.

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